If being an entrepreneur has ever made you feel like manipulation, tactics, and drive are the only paths to success…

Then it’s about time you discover what it’s like to build a business based in SOUL.

If being an entrepreneur has ever made you feel like manipulation, tactics, and drive are the only paths to success…

Then it’s about time you discover what it’s like to build a business based in SOUL.

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Finally! You can create business success that comes from your power, energy and connection. (No more inauthentic tactics!)

women_tryingDear fellow entrepreneur, I get it. You’ve been at this for a while. You’ve heard promises like these before… You’re hip to the lingo. You know how this business growth thing is supposed to go.

  • You’ve invested in trainings, followed 5- or 7- or 9-step programs to: more clients, bigger deals, more money. Heck, you may be in 1 or 2 of these programs right now.

  • You’ve faithfully followed what I call muggle rules – the rules of the typical business person. You know the ones: Work harder. Think positive. Fake it ‘til you make it. Keep plugging away.

  • And… you have reached a level of achievement. The tactics and tools have worked… to a point.

  • And you‘re not finding joy in your business - which was the whole point in the first place, right? To create something more meaningful than a 9-to-5 one-way ticket to retirement... To do the work you’re here to do.

But what began as running away – from a suffocating job (I don’t need no stinkin’ boss!), or any situation from which you wanted OUT – has changed. Like any good entrepreneur, you generated an idea (or TWELVE) and plunged passionately after it… And your idea blossomed. A business was born. Of which you are the proud, and sometimes stunned, owner. You successfully got away. And there’s no going back. Why would you? You’re gloriously unemployable. But where are you going?  You feel pressed under a glass ceiling – only, there’s no outmoded corporate hierarchy to blame here.

This is your business, You make the decisions.

Yet you still feel not quite able to break through… As if authentic success, that feels good and real and enduring, is just beyond your reach while you remain… Stuck. Frustrated. Wanting. You are SO ready to change this story, right? I know. I’ve been there.

people_walikingWe are creating a new movement in business. It’s a new class of entrepreneurs.   People who insist on operating and growing their business with true spirit, soul, congruence and integrity.  (And they happen to make lots of money while doing it!)

I’m about to offer you the tools that I used myself, in my own business, to take it from 0 to 6- to 7-figures, and a profit margin that had my conventional business coach shaking his head in disbelief… You’re about to have access to the tools that I’ve only ever shared with my top-tier clients. The secret sauce that fueled their powering through my transformational business strategy programs, seeing big results in all the key areas: more clients, greater income, more time, greater fulfillment

All this talk of soul and energy.  Isn’t that a bit too “woo” for us business people?

girl_sunshineAbsolutely not! Up until now, I’ve separated my teaching into two tracks: strategy, the “hard” stuff, and soul, the “soft” stuff.  Time and again, my most successful clients found the soft stuff to be the critical foundation for the hard results. They asked, Why don’t you teach this to everyone?  Indeed, why not? As my own experience and that of my clients’ attest: it’s the soft stuff that drives the hard results. But in all transparency – I was scared. Afraid that the soft stuff might be considered too “woo,” not the legitimate business tools they are. That people might think I was all about one, and not the other – when, in fact, the soul work and the strategy tools work hand-in-hand, in tandem. One without the other DOESN’T WORK.  So… why now?  Because it’s time. Because too many of my clients, entrepreneurs just like you, with no less skill, knowledge and panache than the most successful business owners out there, were failing until they mastered the soft stuff.

Because you’re ready:

  • You’re done playing by the rules that no longer apply to you.

  • You’re not producing the results that you most desire.

  • You’re not getting anywhere with the "Secret" Laws of Attraction.

  • And you‘re not finding joy in your business - which was the whole point in the first place, right? To create something more meaningful than a 9-to-5 one-way ticket to retirement... To do the work you’re here to do.

Becoming 360™ IS NOT a quick fix.

  • Becoming 360™ is NOT a magic pill.

    86483862-2There IS no such thing. (Have you noticed?) So, I’m not going to promise you a million bucks in 7 weeks or less.

    You know why? Because here’s the deal: a magic pill comes from OUTSIDE of you.

    It makes you believe that you can’t create that level of success from within. The entire concept of magic pills disempowers YOU. I want you to understand what your life will be like when you tap into your own power.

  • Becoming 360™ is NOT a bunch of platitudes

    that inspire… and not much more. There’s nothing more disheartening than getting a brief revelatory jolt and then being totally bewildered as to how to use it in YOUR circumstances.

    Yes, you WILL gain a deep understanding of some of the most evolved energetic and success principles you can find. But you’ll be ABSORBING it deeply because I will show you how to apply these ideas to your life in real, actionable ways. Experience will be your teacher.

  • Becoming 360™ is NOT a quick fix.

    All those “quick fix’ programs out there promise results – while you just sit back and wait, right? Mm, yeah, not so much here.

    This is all about a DEEP FIX. In actual practice, when you create effortlessness in your life, you still take an active role in it. Great results don’t come from disengaging from your life and hoping for the best. In fact, “hoping for the best” is what causes most people to give up on themselves. They’ve forgotten how to take conscious action… So they wish for a quick fix.

    In the Becoming 360™ program you will WANT to engage more deeply in your life because many of your previous obstacles will finally become obvious – and you’ll be excited because you’ll finally know how to release them!

Becoming 360™ IS about learning how to apply

the most evolved energetic and success principles you can find.

It’s soul work, without which, strategy inevitably falls short. The soul work is how you change the patterns infused deep within you… Patterns that blindly lead you in business – and in life.

Following the same patterns, expecting a different result… you know the rest.

But here’s the thing: the patterns that hold you stagnant are SO deeply engrained, you may not even be aware of them. This goes way deeper than mindset.

In Becoming 360™, we go deep. Soul deep.

uplevel0119I know. The soul stuff CAN sound pretty woo.

But let’s get clear: this is not some armchair meditation where you glimpse universal intelligence in a moment of cosmic bliss, from which you step away inspired but clueless as to how to apply it to your life and business.

Been there, done that kind of training, and there is little more frustrating!

Becoming 360™ consists of actual steps – earthly, grounded, real-world techniques to put into immediate practice. Soul-centered steps through which I’ve taken my clients, to reach an entirely new level of success.

This work is deeply spiritual, and deeply pragmatic, a truly 360° instruction manual for your soul’s work. A step-by-doable-step prescription to catapult your business, what I call the vessel for your soul’s expansion, to realms of success you’ve only just imagined.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Only you know if you’re ready to take the next step. But if you’re here, it’s because you’ve already experienced firsthand that strategy and mindset alone, the old-school business rules, just don’t cut it.


“Christine gets better, clearer, and (dare I say it?) more soulful results out of me than I ever imagined possible!”

I’m happy to say that I’m already a successful entrepreneur, running my own seven-figure company for years now.

However, working with Christine Kane has UPLEVELED me! Christine has a way of honing in to see any challenge at EVERY level – and then getting better, clearer and (dare I say it?) more soulful results out of me than I ever imagined possible! And she can do this with a just a few easy-to-follow tweaks, a load of creative ideas, and some serious intuition.

(PLUS, Christine can kick your butt and love you to pieces all at the same time! Isn’t that what we all need in a business coach?)”

Lisa Larter


“My wife would not be where she is today personally, professionally or financially without the coaching and guidance of Christine Kane.”

This might seem strange. So let me explain. I’m not a client of Christine’s.

I’m the husband of a client of Christine’s.

A few years ago, my wife Sue told me she wanted to go to a retreat hosted by a woman named Christine Kane. My wife has always been a deep rooted person so I figured it was just one of those “go find yourself” retreats.

In reality, this retreat proved to be the launching pad of a global company.

Later, Sue approached me about joining Christine’s Platinum mastermind. My first thought was that anything Platinum in the name tends to be expensive, so I said, “Just don’t tell me what it costs.”

Over the next several months, I watched my wife design and build her company. In 2009, Sue became the President and Founder of the National Association of Neonatal Therapists.

In the years that Sue has continued to work with Christine, I’ve watched as she easily sold out her company’s first national conference, more than quadrupled her association membership, began working with huge corporate sponsors, and most importantly watched her be happy, successful and excited about what she’s doing.

Yes, at first I had doubts, concerns about the cost, is this the right time, wondering if the coaching/mentoring is really that good. What I’ve discovered is that this is real. My wife would not be where she is today personally, professionally or financially without the coaching and guidance of Christine Kane.”

Rob Ludwig

“I am a perfect example of how you can take your life from “How?” to “Wow!”

A year ago, I was totally overwhelmed with life and felt a huge change was coming, but I wasn’t sure what it was going to be. I just knew I needed to do something different. But how? That was the question that was gnawing at me – keeping me stuck where I didn’t want to be. That’s when I signed up for Christine’s program.

That entire experience led me to make a career change into something that has been my passion – being of service to others. I can honestly say I’ve gotten more results from Christine’s programs than any other program I’ve invested in. Christine’s the real deal, and I am a perfect example of how you can take your life from “how” to “wow”!

Barb Churchill

You’ll get the tools I use with my high-level clients.

Throughout this program, you have ME as your coach. I’ll be sharing with you the tools I use with my high-level clients.
You’ll hear from me regularly, and we’ll have seven weeks of coaching calls together– where I will guide you through any stuck spots or challenges you’re experiencing in your business.
All of the modules below come with multimedia training and their own Instant Insights Toolkit that you can apply to your business.
This is where the rubber hits the road and you will begin experiencing the hard results and outcomes you most need.

Becoming 360™ is made up of 7 game-changing modules

Activating Intention

Activating-IntentionUnderstanding how to access the power of your intention is not just about manifesting more stuff. It’s about relinquishing that old default role of “passenger” in your life, and then building your business from your deliberate intention.

This isn’t about setting a goal and “going for it” like a crazy person. This is about harnessing the energy that’s galvanized by the process, at will, at all times. This is such a profound tool NOT because it gets you what you want… but because it changes YOU and your relationship to your power.

Managing Power

Managing-your-powerPower is not force. It’s not a power suit, corner office, title, or number. Your power is not located in any of these external paraphernalia, but is an internally-generated energy that moves through you day after day. It is guided by your intention and your attention.

Your power gets drained by the things (and people) you tolerate, deeming them to be more valuable than you; by the ticker-tape parade of uncontrolled thoughts marching through your mind; by items you ignore (hoping they’ll go away… they don’t); and by unchecked fears and anxiety.

Other success gurus would have you believe that power is generated by jumping up and down while loudly chanting affirmations, or by traipsing across burning coals. These tactics may work temporarily, but true power takes practice: a practice of self-awareness and action that both restores to wholeness and guards against continued power leaks.

You’ll learn how to generate true power by clearing energy drains, creating habits that build vital strength and endurance, and by growing in achievement, accountability and awareness.

Translating Circumstances

Translating-circumstancesAs an entrepreneur, your business is the way your soul expands you. That’s a pretty bold statement. Read it again, and let it resonate for a minute.

What this means is that circumstances that occur – good or bad – are not necessarily “lessons.” They aren’t God showing you that you were never liked you anyway and you should just give up. When translated from your soul’s perspective, your current circumstances merely show how you are now expanding into the next level of your success or awareness.

As you learn how to interpret circumstances from your soul’s perspective, you seamlessly link your situation to your growth. The drama or emotional wound evaporates, and you see all circumstances for what they are – a way for your soul to expand.

When you master this, you bypass any chance of being stopped in your tracks by the natural challenges of having a business – in fact, those challenges become a springboard for you to defy gravity.

Being Congruent

Being-CongruentBeing congruent is being whole. It’s about personal integrity and alignment. When your business’ message, your work’s promise, and the standards you set align… then things “click,” and you are in the flow. Yes, you still take action and do the work, but there is ease and a sense of harmony.

In the absence of congruence, you experience something called chaotic vibration. It’s as if one of your parts is off-key, out-of-whack, and you have to rely on marketing and sales tactics that feel inauthentic, and rarely work very well.

Many people want a business, but when challenges strike or they’re called to expand out of their comfort zones, they don’t know what to do in the face of that discomfort. The answer lies in congruence. Finding your truth and aligning with it is a matter of soul growth and will be your no-fail response to every situation, opportunity and challenge.

Accelerating Decision

accelerating-decisionAs a business owner, what do you do? You make decisions. You decide all the time. Whether you are writing content, getting ready for the day, focusing on numbers, making decisions is your number one activity. Intuition is a skill that propels swift and infallible decisions.

For some business owners, reaching yes or no can take days – even years – out of your success timeline. This module is all about how to make decisions, what those decisions mean, and how to follow through once the decision is made. Most importantly it’s about learning how to move quickly, developing a kick-ass intuition that is your fail-safe guidance system for moving forward.

Aligning with Wealth

Aligning with WealthThere’s a lack mentality. (I call it Camp Scarcity.) And there’s an abundance mentality. (I call this Planet Abundance.) One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is that you can tap into Planet Abundance at any given time and make more money. There is no ceiling for a business owner!

In order to access this place at will, you must step beyond (WAY beyond) the usual hard-wiring in your brain, and recognize lack mentality for what it is. You have to consciously make decisions and consistently take action from abundance mentality. For many people, this is lifetime work – in module 6, I’ll break this down into do-able steps, to rocket you onto Planet Abundance for good.

Cultivating Resilience

cultivating resilienceSuccess gurus always seem to be ranting on about “more, more, more.” Be more, have more, do more, get more. This is all well and good, of course… except that it’s exhausting and can make you feel small after a while. That’s because the motivating force behind it is “DRIVE!”

There’s a better way to think about your continuing expansion.

It is to “become, become, become.” This means: your growth never stops – but it’s not about going out and “getting yours!” It’s about cultivating your natural resilience into greater success and doing it with the impeccable timing of your soul.

As Well As These Exclusive Bonuses!

Weekly Guided Meditations

Translating-circumstancesEach week I’m giving you a guided meditation that you can download. These will help you to establish a practice and keep you coming back to your true sense of power.

Private Facebook Forum Access

Being-CongruentGet support from others who are Upleveling their businesses and their life along with you. It’s like having your own virtual board of directors! Plus, one of master coaches here at Uplevel YOU will be on the forum, helping you as you work through these trainings each week… so that is 24/7 access to getting your questions answered on the spot.

Lifetime Access

Busy? Of course you are! That’s why you can take a deep breath and just go through these modules at your own pace. When you register for Becoming 360™, you become a certified Upleveling Lifetime Access premium owner. That also means that if the program ever changes (I update it regularly), you’ll have access to the new online trainings and tools!

Plus One Ticket To “Uplevel Your Business LIVE!”

July 13th-15th, 2015
in Atlanta, GA!

You get a FREE ticket to my exclusive 3-day hands-on, how-to, high-content retreat! Together we can roll up our sleeves, see what’s working in your business (and what’s still challenging you), get some of your questions answered – and implement like crazy. (Something about being in a high-focus room really forces you to get things done!)

Plus, you’ll connect with other Uplevelers – an intense and heart-centered group of solopreneurs who are committed to service, success, and soul!

My Uplevel Your Business™ LIVE! Retreat will show you EXACTLY how to build your business with heart-centered success. It’s designed to help you:

  • Align more clearly and deeply with your life’s work.
  • Make LOTS more money so you can stop treating your business like a hobby – and focus exclusively on your soul’s work while you delegate the rest!
  • Create consistent reliable habits that build your momentum and levels of empowerment.

My Uplevel Your Business™ LIVE Retreat is designed specifically for heart-centered solo-business owners who want strategies and systems that align with their own authentic style and approach to doing business – and are tired of the overwhelm that comes with old boring pushy business models that don’t even take the soul (or relationships) into consideration.

How do I know Becoming 360™ works?

Simple… Because it worked for me.

I’ve been where you are now. Just trying to survive, struggling blindly in a music career until… I hit bottom.

It wasn’t when I totally bombed one of those make-or-break nights, at a big NYC club in front of key industry folk… Nor when I returned to my hotel–er, cellblock–with its concrete walls, industrial carpet, and naked bulbs. It wasn’t until, wet and cold under scrawny covers, lit by a street lamp through pelting rain, I felt a cockroach crawl right across my face.

Welcome, Rock Bottom.

And that’s when my entire internal game SHIFTED: No matter what, I was determined to define my own happiness and success, and make it happen, on my own terms.

I won’t lie. It didn’t happen overnight. I invested in a life coach, attended workshops, and studied everything I could find on the subject. I often wanted to give up… and then I cracked the code:

Doubled my income in a year. Hit a million the year after that. Watched it only go up from there.

Soul work + Strategy = Outstanding Results… Time and again.

From all the concepts, ideas and rituals, I created a step-by-step system of daily habits and momentum that changes everything. A system that is the path of effortlessness, self-awareness, and transformation – and that works deeply, from the soul out.

I started teaching this same system to healers, designers, surgeons, consultants, trainers, nutritionists, retailers, realtors, you name it. And they experienced the same kind of success…

Proving that this system works for ALL kinds of businesses.

And Now Here’s Your Chance to Become 360™

What is the a-ha moment that you’re waiting for?

Are you waiting for a cockroach to cha-cha across your face?

What will define your awakening moment?

Have you “hit it?”

Perhaps it’s simply realizing that you don’t have to invent the wheel.

You simply need to know what to do… Where to start.

It’s Decision Time…

Let’s get real here–which, if you’ve followed me for a while or are just getting to know me, you’ve already gathered: this is how I roll.

It’s a simple choice, right? Yes or no. So tell me this…

If you turn away from this opportunity, what is the alternative? What real-world plan do you have to reach, finally and quickly, the level of success you deserve, bringing financial freedom, and–I’ll say it–absolute JOY in your business?

Here’s Why

Do you know exactly what game-changing practices you need to put in place to catapult your business to real money, with less effort, more freedom, and whole ‘lot more happiness?

This is why I’m here. To show you, step-by-step, how to do just that: how to achieve and surpass your goals. As I did for my own businesses, and the businesses of my clients.

Today is Your Day…

Don’t wait a second longer, for a cockroach to waltz across your face carrying a big sign, “This is IT!”

You just need to check in, deep. Is this the day that you decide enough is enough, and that you’re ready to take responsibility for your future? To begin making the money you desire and deserve… To take the steps that will change your life.

Here is the first step of that journey…
Do NOT put off your success one second longer


I’m giving you my personal 21-day “Leap-And-The-Net-Will-Appear” Guarantee

Here’s how I do this.

I live what I teach. And this program simply MUST be life-changing for you. Otherwise, we’re not serving each other and changing the world, are we?

So I’m throwing out a safety net for you…

Register today. Join the program when it starts.

Try it for 3 modules (21 days). Show up at the Q&A’s. Get everything out of it you can.

And, if you don’t think I’m delivering massive value, high-level authentic success-bringing information… write my team (info@uplevelyou.com) before day 21 and I will give you a FULL refund of every penny you spent on the program.

If your business isn’t Upleveling – then get a full refund, keep the downloaded materials – and I’ll still love you anyway.

That’s how it works. It’s the way we run our businesses in an abundant world.

So, dudette (or dude), you have NOTHING to lose.

(Well, except staying stuck, feeling overwhelmed, being a pawn, or waiting for the other shoe to drop – but hey, maybe you enjoy that!)